Polymers and Composites GPC-UC3M

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

The Polymers and Composites research group belongs to the Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering Department at University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain. Its objective is the development and characterization of polymeric materials and (nano)composites. The research group is looking for companies interested in applying nanotechnologies to polymers of industrial interest.

Their research has focused on the field of polymers addressing various problems related to composite materials, modification of thermosetting polymers, hybrid networks, nanocomposites, intelligent pavements, applications of nanocomposites in biomedicine, porous materials based on graphite and nanocarbons for electromagnetic shielding, metal-nanocarbon hybrids for advanced electrical applications, catalysis and biosensors and stimuli responsive hybrid polymer materials.

Examples of this activity can be found in the following projects:

a) NANOTER (MAT2004-01347), in which we proposed to use polyrotaxanes and kaolin as one- and two-dimensional reinforcements.

b) DINATER (MAT2007-63722), in which we became get used to the problem of the dispersion of preformed nanoparticles in thermosets.

c) NANOMOD (MAT2010-17091) in which we begin to study the surface modification of nanoparticles.

d) NANOARQ (MAT2014-57557-R) in which we begin the preparation and study of hierarchically structured nanostructures