Dr. Alberto García-Peñas

Assistant Professor

His career has been developed in diverse Spanish universities and research centers joined to short stays in other countries, ensuring his multidisciplinary training and interest in knowledge transmission. He has published 27 articles, most in first-quartile journals of their respective scientific areas according to Journal Citation Reports (JCR). He is first author in majority of them.  

He started performing an undergraduate work at Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid. Later, his master research on mesoporous silica functionalization was carried out at Rey Juan Carlos University. 

Polyolefins (synthesis, characterization and evaluation of properties) was the topic of his PhD Thesis. Importance of this work is endorsed by numerous articles in high impact journals, participation in different international and national conferences as well as the distinct awards he received, emphasizing the Student Innovation Award to Best Thesis granted by the international company Borealis. His first article in Journal of Polymer Science, Polymer Chemistry was selected as “Spotlight Article”. He is coauthor in a chapter published in the Fast Scanning Calorimetry book. Along those years, he performed short stays at Karlsruhe University (KIT, Germany), Lisboa University (Portugal) and several stays at Transnational ALBA Synchrotron Facility (Spain).  

After his PhD, he was hired for working on the immobilization of metallocene catalysts for preparation of polyolefin nanocomposites at Institute of Polymer Science and Technology (ICTP-CSIC) in 2016. At that time, he carried out a short visit at Instituto de Productos Naturales y Agrobiología (Tenerife, Spain) to learn about Green Catalysis. 

He was a postdoctoral researcher, hired at Shenzhen University as postdoctoral fellow. His research activity was mainly focused on synthesis using RAFT polymerization of new thermo-responsive polymers based on N-isopropylacrylamide with diverse comonomers Furthermore, he was collaborating with other postdoctoral researchers in several topics: hydrogels, polymer composites, biomaterials and polyolefins.  

Nowadays, he is Assistant Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at University Carlos III of Madrid, where is working on smart polymers, composites, blends and biopolymers.

Dr. García-Peñas received 10 grants for several scientific events and performed 21 specialization courses. He participated in some international projects, as the Cost Action MP1206 (European Union) and a CYTED project with various Latin America countries. He took also part in 12 other research projects. His proposal achieved funding from Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2018M633119).

Dr. García-Peñas is leading research works and seminars associated with education and training for Chemical Engineers and Chemists. He is now co-supervisor of three master students at Shenzhen University and University Carlos III of Madrid.

Dr. Alberto García-Peñas

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