Marcos Álvarez

PhD Student

I was born in Ponferrada in 1995.

Graduated in Materials Engineering by USAL university, I specialised with a dual master degree by Universidad de La Coruña and Université Paris Diderot (Paris 7, Sorbonne), called ‘’Complex materials: rheology and thermal analysis, in his Spanish half, and ‘’ physics of soft materials’’ in the French part.

In February 2019 I joined Polymers and composite materials researching group (GPC) (with a predoc researching role) at Carlos III university of Madrid.

My line of research is related with the porosity shape and size control of Graphene (or other carbonous advanced materials) aerogels for their use in electromagnetic shielding.

New processing techniques as 3D printing of gels, are the most groundbreaking processes we are employing for the manufacture of these materials, although more clasical options as hydrothermal síntesis are used too.