Prof. Juan Baselga

Chair Polymeric Materials

I received my PhD in Chemistry in 1987 from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. After a brief post-doctoral period at York University, I joined the School of Aeronautical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 1989 as Profesor Titular. In 1991 I moved to the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid where I have remained ever since. Since 2001 I have been full Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering at the same University. In this University I have chaired the Álvaro Alonso Barba Institute of Chemistry and Materials and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering for several years. My research group has focused on the field of polymers, addressing various problems related to composite materials, modification of thermosetting polymers, hybrid networks, nanocomposites, intelligent pavements, applications of nanocomposites in biomedicine, porous materials based on graphite and carbon nanotubes for electromagnetic shielding, metal-nanocarbon hybrids for advanced electrical applications and catalysis. These activities were funded by regional, national and European Union research projects and by both domestic and foreign companies. My teaching activity is closely linked to my research activity, teaching Polymers, Chemistry, and Materials Science and advising or co-advising 13 PhD Theses.

Bibliometric data:

1681 citations (Scopus, 2019)

H-index: 23 (Scopus)

93 scientific papers (65% Q1 last 10 years)

100 communications in national and international conferences

3 patents