Raquel Gimenez-Perez

PhD Student

I was born in Gran Canaria in 1993.

I studied a Degree in Chemistry by UCM University and a Master Degree in Materials Science and Engineering by UC3M University.

I am a PhD Student at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid at Materials Science and Engineering Department. I started my PhD in September 2017, working in the Polymers and Composites Researching Group, being my thesis directors Dr. Juan Carlos Cabanelas Valcárcel and Dra. Berna Serrano Prieto.

At the present, I am researching about three dimensional architectures in hybrid thermosets using graphene, carbon nanotubes and I am starting using other sheet structures like Mxenes, a new family of 2D transition metal carbides, nitrides, and carbonitrides with the general formula of Mn+1XnTx, in order to obtain nanocomposites with promising properties.